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NEC SEFUSE SF-L series transformer fusing thermal fuse_temperatura fusível

NEC SEFUSE SF-L thermal fuse
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NEC SEFUSE SF-L series of temperature fuse inside the metal shell contains a movable electrode,Two springs and one thermal particle.At normal temperature,The movable electrode contacts the top of the lead.Current will flow through the movable electrode,And then through the metal shell,To the other lead,To form a closed circuit.When the ambient temperature reaches a critical point,As the heat-sensitive particles melt,The spring will disengage from the sliding contact,Thereby cutting off the current.

Product advantages
NEC SEFUSE SF-L series of temperature fuse has the following advantages:

  1. Because of its unique compact design (size: Φ4.0 × 8.7mm), easy to install high-temperature casing

  2. The product has a very high sensitivity to temperature rise

  3. The use of resin encapsulation, the product has a high degree of reliability and accuracy

  4. Adapt to high current (15A 250VAC) circuit

5 is an environment-friendly products,Meet the "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE)" and "electrical,Electronic Equipment Restriction on the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) "standard

  6. Products through a number of authoritative certification: UL, VDE, CCC, PSE, KC, and so on

  7. Alternative EMERSON G4 / G5 series, with a very high cost

The product is suitable for a variety of different applications, such as:

  Household appliances (such as iron, coffee machine, rice cooker, toaster, toasters, refrigerators, etc.)

  Life-type appliances (such as air conditioning, fans, humidifiers, Diannuan Qi, etc.)

  Personal care appliances (such as hair dryer, curlers, hair trimmers, razors, etc.)

  Commercial appliances (photocopiers, laser printers, fax machines, power strip, etc.)

  Electrical components (such as transformers, solenoid valves, AC power adapter, etc.)

The NEC SEFUSE SF-L series thermal fuses use organic thermosensitive materials with specific melting points as their thermal elements.Since 2003,We have used AgCuO instead of "AgCdO" used in the past as a movable electrode material.This patent has been registered in many countries around the world.

Product Features / Technical Specifications
NEC SEFUSE SF-L series thermal fuses use organic thermosensitive materials as thermal elements.The operating temperature range is 73 ° C to 240 ° C.SF-R0-type temperature fuse with a ceramic tube,To protect the encapsulated resin from pressure induced by the bending of the wire.

NEC SEFUSE SF-L series fuse

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